What a Great Idea, I easily spent over $100 in Dog Toys this Year. This could save me a bundle!

Thank you so much. This book is terrific!

My mother and I are doing a church fair table selling pet toys so this will give us some great ideas!


As a pet owner, you get to offer some acceptable solutions to this natural process, hopefully deterring the teething pup away from the more unacceptable items.

Nonetheless, the pup will choose something homemade over something store bought because the smell from store bought items are nowhere near as appealing as items already in the home.

Making HomeMade dog toys is COST-EFFECTIVE, imaginative, and down right fun. Almost anything in the home has the potential to be a dog toy, and believe me, your dog is well aware of this fact.

When bored, your favorite cushion sure will feel good on those teething incisors, and the smell is simply wonderful!

Those curtains hanging there sure do move nicely and make this interesting sound, and your dog will thoroughly enjoy finding out what is making that sound.

Let's face it - your home is a cornucopia of interesting smells and sounds with everything you hold dear having the potential to be an enormous dog chew.

Instead of allowing your best friend to envision your belongings as a favorite new toy, or an adversary needing to be ripped to shreds, pet owners offer special toys to their dog. This is how a dog learns what is an acceptable opponent, and what is not so acceptable.

Making homemade pet toys is an ideal method of allowing your dog the benefit of personal scents you naturally add to the homemade item instead of the sterile or mixed scents of those store bought items.


It's Also a Great Way to Teach Your Kids the Value

of a Dollar and Inspire Them Creatively!



  • Ball and Rope Toy

  • Ball Snacks

  • Blue Jean Rope

  • Braided Fabric Rope

  • Basketball Teaser

  • Double Ball Pull

  • Dumbbell Toss

  • Feed Ball

  • Fetch Rattle

  • Glove Teaser

  • Homemade Frisbee

  • Knotty Braided Ball

  • Nifty Squeaky Toy

  • Peanut Butter Bone

  • Plush chew toys

  • Sock Balls

  • Sock Rope

  • T-Shirt Magic Wand

  • Tennis Ball Rope

  • Whirly Dinger

  • Wooden Block Fun

  • AND MORE!!


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